Gerald Richards

Gerald is a thought leader in presenting your value through the art of selling and is the Founder and CEO of 3X5X7. He has over forty years’ experience in the construction and conduct of programs in his role as a consultant to industry and commerce. Gerald has trained and coached people here in Australia and overseas in many multi-national companies as well as small to medium enterprises.

Gerald uses all the best methodologies of training, presenting and communication to make the most complex subject clear and simple.  His sound common sense and bottom-line focus, help him to translate learning and skills strategies into approaches highly appealing to participants and clients alike. Running his own small business he is acutely aware of the highly emotional input and persistence needed to succeed in this arena as well as the degree of motivation to weather the highs and lows.

He is passionate about what he does and brings that energy to the program in a fun and engaging manner. He loves seeing participants happily learning and enjoying themselves in a highly interactive, content-rich environment and so applying the skills learned for success.

“You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him to discover it within himself”

Galileo Galilei.

Hire him as a coach, facilitator or speaker for your next function or use him to develop your people skills for lasting profitable results


3X5X7 is the business success formula for building a better business. It is a training, coaching and consulting enterprise specifically focused on improving the sales revenue and profit of clients. So what is this formula?

3 = These are the three strategies any enterprise employs.
Marketing strategy, Operations strategy and Finance strategy

5 = There are five ways that you can increase your dollar sales.
Leads, Conversion, Average Sale, Frequency and Price

7 = There are seven ways you can improve your dollar profit and cash flow. Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Operating Expenses, Creditors, Debtors, Stock/Work in Progress and Price

X = There is a multiplying result when the above are working in synchronisation.

3. Most small businesses know their Operations, but often require help in the other two areas. – Marketing and Finance which should be running alongside Operations and not as an afterthought

5. Goals should be set for each of the five ways to increase dollar sales and then monitored for further action.

7. Managing the seven ways for improved profit and cash flow on a daily basis is crucial for your success and long term survival

X. A number of small business owners and some large organisations compartmentalise the three strategies rather than seeing them as interdependent on one another. This can inhibit growth and lead to lost opportunities.

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