Who’s the dude?

ownerHe has coached and trained people and consulted to a variety of organisations, both here and overseas. He has been a Company Secretary and Accountant for a world-wide service organisation, operating out of the City of London. Gerald has also been a Sales Representative, Product and Sales Trainer for the Asia, Africa and Australasia Area. He has been a Markets Manager and Regional Manager for Kodak Australasia as well as National Sales and Marketing Manager for Ericsson Communications. He is a Certified Practicing Marketer and has also been a visiting facilitator at the Mt Eliza Business School.

Gerald’s skills as a facilitator, mentor, coach, speaker and presenter have won him an impressive portfolio of clients in government agencies and private enterprises, both large and small, in Australia and overseas. He has the depth to speak from first-hand experience both as a sales person, finance and marketing manager and as a manager of people. His many anecdotal stories during his programs bring his presentations and coaching to life with colour and humour.

This unique blend of finance, administration, coaching, mentoring, sales, marketing and management skills allows him to bring and relate to his clients the analytical, theoretical and practical experience necessary to ensure worthwhile and lasting results.