Tips For The Perfect Blog

?????????????1. Only post information that you would want everyone (here and overseas) to know.

2. Think about the consequences before you post. Do not post anything which could be construed as defamatory or seen as detrimental to yourself.

3. Consider the reader so post to educate, not promote yourself and your wares. At the end you may give your name and website.

4. Per blog, ensure the maximum number of words is 300. “Less is more”.

5. Keep to the issue and refrain from personal attacks or name calling.

6. Remember with whom you’re communicating and how they will interpret your words.

7. Use appropriate language, proper grammar and spelling.

8. Only post information that you can verify as true; no hearsay or gossiping.

9. If the information is taken from another source, be sure to properly cite the creator of the original work.

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